TwentyZoneThe Parish Meeting will be held at the Village Hall at 18:00 on Monday 28th March.  It is a statutory requirement to hold an annual Parish Meeting in person,  however because of the high levels of Covid the PC will offer an alterantive on line discussion at a later date but it won't have the legal status of a Parish Meeting.  If you want to come to the meeting then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can provide appropriate seating.   Please also let us know if there are other items that you would like on the agenda for either the in person or online meeting.

Traffic Calming

The main topic will be the Traffic Calming measures proposed for School Lane - please see the 2021 Parish Meeting and Trafic Survey articles for the background.   It has taken nearly a year to get a proposal from Highways and we have now received this document (please note that there are 6 pages in total and you need to look at them all in order to see the detail).  The document was only received on 16/03 and we will discuss it with the residents most closely affected.  We are also waiting for an estimate of the cost - expected to be in the order or £18,000 !!   

It has taken so long to get a proposed Traffic Calming plan becaue the arrangement of driveways, drains and trees on School Lane makes it very difficult to site chicanes and cushions, there are no alternatives to what has been proposed.  The main points of the proposal are - 

  • Extend the existing 20mph zone on Mill Rd down School Lane as far as Braymeadow
  • Relocate the existing 30mph 'Slow Down' signs to Green Lane and Burnthouse
  • Provide an additional speed cushion on Mill Rd and repaint the existing speed cushions - 20mph zones are supposed to have a traffic calming measure every 100m and the cushions on Mill Rd don't meet that requirement
  • Provide a chicane on School Lane, 70m east of the roundabout
  • Provide speed cushions either side of the school
  • Provide a village entrance on Burnthouse at the start of the 30mph zone.  We did ask for the 20mph zone to extend onto Burnhouse and for the 30mph zone to be extended south but Highways would not agree to that.   We have pointed out that Burnhouse is used by children going to school and asked that the speed limit be reduced to 40mph (also on LM Road as much of that road will soon be in a housing estate).

Lorry Traffic

We have been requesting for a long time that singage for the lorry route is provided for eastbound traffic on the A47 (it is only signed for westbound traffic) in order to stop HGVs turning off onto the B1108 and then coming through the village.  We have requested an update on this before the 28th.

Local Plan

There is nothing new to report on the Local Plan yet,  Planning Officers are still considering the options for where to build the next allocation of hosues..


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