Cabinet Location shopCabinet Location hall

There are AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillator) located at

  • Shop, outside and to the right of the door - Zoll G5 semi automatic - no CPR pad - not suitable for children under 8 or 25kg
  • Village Hall, outside on wall facing the tennis court - Zoll AED 3 - semi automatic - button for use on Children under 8 or weighing less than 25kg  

If you think that someone is having a heart attack or cardiac arrest then first call 999, - the operator will give you the code for the AED cabinet lock if they think you will need the AED.

The AED is used during cardiac arrest in order to stop the heart from fibrillating (not beating properly) by delivering an electric shock.  Speed is important as the fibrillating heart is not pumping blood. 

Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and can be without warning, the person will be unresponsive and either not breathing or breathing irregularly, possibly with a gurgling sound.

There are several symptoms that indicate a heart attack but the person is usually conscious as the heart is still beating.  However, cardiac arrest can occur after a heart attack.

Someone should stay with the patient whilst another person collects the AED and give CPR if the patient has stopped breathing.    The AED will decide if a shock is required and whether CPR is needed after the shock.   

 This video takes you through the process in 6 minutes

This video shows the Zoll AED G5 at the Shop - but we don't have the extra CPR pad

This video shows the Zoll AED 3 at the Village Hall

These pictures show the inside of the AED cabinets and the contents of the rescue kit

 The rescue kit at the shop contains - 

  • scissors to open up clothing
  • a razor to remove chest hair
  • 2 alcohol wipes to clean the skin
  • a mouth piece for giving mouth to mouth ventilation
  • 2 wound pads

The AED at the hall has -

  • scissors to open up clothing 
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