Litter pick 

We pick litter twice a year on the weekends that the clocks change. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help.

Most of the litter is thrown from passing cars,  the top of Green Lane is usually worst.   It is generally accepted that people are less likely to drop litter if a place looks well cared for - so it is important to keep on top of the problem.

Large items of fly tipping should be left in place and reported as fly tipping to South Norfolk Council so that SNC can investigate for evidence.  Bags may contain needles, which could stick into your leg if picked up. 

Bags of collected litter will be picked up from the locations marked by arrows on the map -

Collection pointsPlease wear / bring –

  • Stout boots and gloves
  • Hi Viz vest (must be worn where there is no footpath)
  • Pencil and paper for noting the location of any fly tipped items—or get the GPS location from your mobile

We can provide –

  • Hi Viz vest
  • Litter Picker
  • Collecting bags and hoop
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