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HandGelCovid 19 precautions

As of July 4th, government permitted the opening of children's play areas.   Please note the following precautions. 

  1. Please don't visit the play area if anyone in the family has symptoms of Covid 19.
  2. By far the highest risk of catching the virus is by direct transmission, so parents and children should stay at least 1.5m apart from members of other households.  Please don't enter the play area if this is not going to be possible.  Masks help to prevent transmission if you do get close to other people. 
    Consultations have suggested that a booking system would not be useful.
  3. The virus only survives for about 15 minutes on timber surfaces in direct sunlight - maybe longer on a cloudy day.   Please try to leave time gaps between using the equipment as it is not practical to wipe it down between usage.
  4. You don't catch the virus just by touching it, you have to transfer it to your eyes or nose.  Use of hand sanitiser before and after using the play area is recommended.  We don't have the resources to install and service outdoor sanitiser dispensers, so please bring your own hand sanitiser.
    If you find yourself without sanitiser then please ask for a free tube at the shop or from Donna at 35 Mill Rd (opposite the play area). The gel is 70% Ethanol and will kill viruses.
  5. Only a tiny number of healthy children have had a bad reaction to Covid 19.  The main concern is that the children don't pass the virus on to more vulnerable people.  If a child or anyone in the immediate family has pre existing heatlh conditions then please don't visit the play area.

Safety Checks

Please record an observation if you visit the play area - even if there is no problem  The insurers require that it is inspected weekly..


The play area was created in 1995, thanks to the hard work of a small group of people, some of whom still live in the village.   In 2018 much of the equipment was replaced using money from the development at Ringwood Close.   The plan to provide a scooter ramp and zip wire on land next to the tennis court was put on hold due to Covid 19 but we hope to restart the project soon. 

The Playing field and Play area are leased by Little Melton Parish Council (approximately 10,000m2 of land)

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