Carers Matter

CarersMatterWho are Carers Matter Norfolk?

Carers Matter Norfolk’s service has gone through an exciting refresh to provide additional support to unpaid carers in Norfolk. This ensures they deliver a highly personalised service that enables carers to improve their health and well being and support them in their caring role.

On behalf of Norfolk County Council, Carers Matter Norfolk provide Carer’s Assessments, information, support and advicefor unpaid carers in Norfolk. They offer a 7 day a week advice line, along with one on one community support.You can learn more about their services by visiting their website or calling their advice line on 0800 0831 148 (open Monday to Friday 8am 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am2pm).

What do Carers Matter Norfolk offer?

This refreshed service further improves the health and well being of carers and their capacity to fulfil their caring roles by:

  • Carers assessments
  • Carers breaks
  • Health and wellbeing fund
  • Community Outreach Team
  • Follow up service
  • Volunteer service
  • Education and training
  • Carers Voice have your voice heard

Council Services

  • South Norfolk Council
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Norfolk Matters - Lots of links to online newsletters and alerts at Norfolk County Council
  • Norfolk Family Information Service (FIS) is Norfolk County Council’s online, telephone and face-to-face service providing support to families with children aged 0-18 or 0-25 for those with additional needs.   
    0344 800 8020 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
    Information on offer includes:  
    • Advice on choosing and paying for childcare
    • Details of out-of-school clubs and holiday play schemes
    • Help for families of children with additional needs
    • Activities and advice for young people
    • Support for mums, dads, lone parents and parents to be

Local Services

See Council Services for South Norfolk Council and Norfolk County Council

Mobile Library

MobileLibraryThe Mobile Library visits at the times shown below.  Please see NCC website for more info and Covid rules.

  From To
School Lane - near 93  10:50 11:05
Shop 11:10 11:25
Braymeadow Lane 11:30 11:45
near the roundabout 11:50 12:05
School 15:00 15:45
Ringwood Close 15:50 16:15


on these dates - 

  • 28-Oct-20
  • 25-Nov-20
  • 23-Dec-20
  • 20-Jan-21
  • 17-Feb-21
  • 17-Mar-21
  • 14-Apr-21
  • 12-May-21
  • 09-Jun-21
  • 07-Jul-21
  • 04-Aug-21
  • 01-Sep-21
  • 29-Sep-21

Other Services

Little Melton Parish Website