oil tank

For many years there has been a village scheme for buying heating oil. 

In recent years the scheme was administered by the village shop but shop changed hands at short notice in Jan 2023 and the future of the scheme was not known.  Because there were only a few weeks before the planned next order date and people were asking about the scheme (it was promoted via this web page), the PC set up a replacment scheme.

People were invited to join a syndicate administered by Rix.  Rix has been the chosen supplier on many previous occasions and already have customer records set up for many households.  Rix has been recommended to several PC members by their boiler engineers.   Rix will offer a reduced price to syndicate members but a valuable consequence of the scheme is that HGV traffic and blocked roads are kept to a minimum - which benefits everyone in the village!   Rix offer their K+ and Aga variants for an extra 2.5p/litre, you may want to take advice from your boiler engineer about whether to pay extra for one of these variants.  The government dictated minimum order of 500 litres still applies.

Rix return to the community a percentage of the money received and at the end of 2023 Rix paid £548 to the trust that runs the village hall - which will help to support the activites there such as PreSchool and youth football.  

The syndicate now operates as follows and uses the same ordering periods as before (Feb, May, Aug and Nov) - 

  1. The scheme is run by Rix and Rix will contact people during each ordering period and invite them to place an order at a reduced price compared to their normal price.  
  2. People can join or leave the scheme at any time, please call Shiona on 01953 457057,  Shiona manages the Rix village syndicates and can help with any questions that arise.
  3. Once a year, Rix will donate a percentage of the order values to the village.   We have suggested that the money is given to the village Charitable Incorporated Organization and used for the benefit of the village hall and to support the organizations that operate within the village (eg PreSchool).


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