AED - Defibrillator

CabinetLocationThe AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is located at the shop, outside and to the right of the door.

If you think that someone is having a heart attack or cardiac arrest then first call 999, - the operator will give you the code for the AED cabinet lock if they think you will need the AED.

The AED is used during cardiac arrest in order to stop the heart from fibrillating (not beating properly) by delivering an electric shock.  Speed is important as the fibrillating heart is not pumping blood. 

Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and can be without warning, the person will be unresponsive and either not breathing or breathing irregularly, possibly with a gurgling sound.

There are several symptoms that indicate a heart attack but the person is usually conscious as the heart is still beating.  However, cardiac arrest can occur after a heart attack.

Someone should stay with the patient whilst another person collects the AED and give CPR if the patient has stopped breathing.    The AED will decide if a shock is required and whether CPR is needed after the shock.   

 This video takes you through the process in 6 minutes

This video shows our AED but we don't have the extra CPR pad

These pictures show the inside of the AED and the contents of the rescue kit

 The rescue kit contains - 

  • scissors to open up clothing
  • a razor to remove chest hair
  • 2 alcohol wipes to clean the skin
  • a mouth piece for giving mouth to mouth ventilation
  • 2 wound pads

Hiring the Village Hall

Please select from the Article Index on the right, we will add further information about hiring the hall to this page.  Please see Village Hall Bookings on the Contact Us page if you wish to hire the hall.

Hire Agreement

Please see the sample Hire Agreement.  Please include your time for setting up and for cleaning the hall in the time to be booked.  

Covid 19

Party hires are not permitted at present.   Only classes run by trained instructors are taking place.   Those instructors will be responsible for - 

  • Following the guidance from the relevant national body that regulates their activity,  this guidance will determine the number of people that can take part in a class and will specify the social distancing rules.
  • Ensuring that there is a clear interval between the end of one class and the start of the next so that people can maintain distance during entry and exit.
    • Only class participants should enter the hall.
  • Make sure that no one with Covid 19 symptoms, enters the hall.   A contactless thermometer is available to check temperatures (just press the button with a thermometer icon on it)
  • Covid table in lobbyAsk people to sanitise their hands on entry - available at the table in the lobby
  • Disinfect any contact points at the end of each class (there are wipes but you need to bring your own gloves to use the wipes) -
    • door handles
    • toilet seats and taps
    • kitchen if used

Covid table in lobby

 WindowsAndLadderThe high level windows in the hall can be opened by using the ladder that is kept in the Committee room,  the windows in the Committee room and in the Lounge can be opened to create a through draft - please check that they are all shut when you leave!   The double doors in the hall can be opened and hooked back so long as the wind is light otherwise the doors will be damaged,  please make sure that the knobs are fully turned to lock the doors when they are shut.



There are cleaning mateials in the cupboard, in the corridor leading to the Kitchen.

cleaning floorFloor cleaning equipment

cleaning surfacesFor cleaning surfaces

Permitted use

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are allowed but please make sure that the castle is clean and that no sharp objects are used to secure the castle.  The hall floor is vinyl and will be damaged by sharp objects and grit. 
Providers of bouncy castles often turn up early and seem surprised to find that the hall is locked!   There are often football matches on Sunday mornings -  we try to make sure that the car park clears at least 15 mins before any hall hire but please make sure the bouncy castle van does not try to get into the car park at the same time as 30 football cars are trying to leave!

Discos and Sound System

There is a sound system at the hall that has a Bluetooth connection, CD player and microphone. If you bring your own sound system then please point the speakers away from the nearby houses and please check that they are not causing a nuisance to nearby residents.  

Dimensions & Construction

The main hall floor area is 15.2m * 9m - see the plan.   The floor is vinyl and can be damaged by sharp objects and stones!  It is marked out as a badminton court.

There is a minimum 6.1m height over the badminton court, see the elevation 


Bar area

Herschel R1

There are 2 infrared ceiling panels which are controlled individually and 2 infra red wall heaters on a single control.  In cold weather the heaters will be scheduled to come on before any events that are booked to use the bar area.   The heaters are set to maintain a comfortable temperature.  If you need to turn the heaters on at other times then press the Boost button on the Control box (see pics below), this will set the heaters into Comfort mode for an hour.  If you want to cancel the Boost then press the Boost button twice in quick succession.   If you need to turn the heaters off completely then press the  On/Off button to turn off the Power light.

These pictures show the locations of the heater contol boxes - each one is labelled

The sound system is behind the bar in the lounge.  Power is controlled by the plug on the wall next to the cabinet, please switch off at the wall when not in use.

Bluetooth Adapter

Sound Source DYou don't need to open the cabinet to use the adapter, you can control the volume on your phone.  The amplifier should be displaying Source D.

Sound BluetoothBluetooth Adapter - pairing button is on top

In order to pair to the adapter - 

  1. Put your phone in Bluetooth pairing mode
  2. Push the button on the top of the Adapter - the light should flash
  3. Look for  Esinkin Audio on your phone and pair with it 

Sound MicrophoneSound Mic Base


You will need access to the system cabinet - it is kept locked.   Turn on the mic amp at the button marked P.   The mic should now work when the sliding switch is set to on. It works at the same time as input form other sources.   The mic needs 2* AA bateries (unscrew the base).

Don't touch the two small up/down buttons on the mic, they change the channel (set to 16).   The mic amp must be set to the same channel - the buttons marked  C will change the channel.  The knob marked G controls the microphone gain, turning it too high will produce feedback.  To change the relative volume of the microphone use the S button on the main amp to select Mic on the display and then turn knob V to change the volume,  it is a negative scale and 0 is the loudest! 

Play area safety checks

We have to record that someone has checked the play area every week,  Please add a record using the button below.   You are not expected to be a professional inspector but are looking for damage and wear and tear that could cause a hazard to children.  Examples might include - 

  • Split wood that could result in splinters
  • Worn ropes with exposed metal wires
  • Excessive mud or algae on the rubber flooring
  • Trip hazards
  • Anything that has come loose or is damaged
  • Broken tree branches 
  • Damage to the gates, seats or fencing

Latest Professional Inspection Records

Record an observation

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