All Saints Church

church extThe church dates back to the 14th century and is located on the western edge of the village near to the village hall.  The church contains some early and unusual wall paintings - there are pictures at Norfolk Churches and here.   If you wish to visit the church, please contact one of the church wardens - see A Church Near You for details.

New villagers are welcome at the church and at the social events run by the Friends of the Church.

Church Services, events and contact details

Please see A Church Near You for the current information

Churchyard and Burials

It is a common misconception that a parish churchyard is only for the burial of people who follow the rites of the Church of England. Nothing can be further from the truth. Any person who was a resident of Little Melton at the time of their death has a right to be buried in the churchyard according to their own beliefs and customs. People who were not resident can be buried there as well but that is only with the agreement of the vicar, generally when there is a strong connection with the village. Again, in these circumstances internment will be according to their own beliefs and practices. The rights of burial also extend to the internment of but not the scattering of ashes.

The Parochial Church Council elected by the church members, is responsible for the maintenance of the churchyard with the help of the Parish Council which pays for the cost of cutting the grass and trimming the hedges 6 times a year. Once a month volunteers tidy up, remove litter and try to control the weeds as well as taking on some more general maintenance work. Part of the churchyard is being managed for conservation - there is a 2021 report.

The churchyard is a valued place within and for the community of Little Melton. Surrounded by fields and overlooking a valley, there are benches to sit on and it is for the use of all the people of Little Melton. It is a place to bury those who have departed, a place to mourn and remember their lives with thanksgiving and also to reflect on our own mortality. This has been its place in Little Melton for a thousand years and will continue to be so in the future.

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