BookCoverLittle Melton is very fortunate to have a book, published in 2003, that records the history of the village up to 2000. The book took a lot of work to create and deserves to be read by the widest possible audience, so the Community Trust has started to publish chapters from the book on this website.  If you would like a printed copy of the book for ¬£5 then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Robert (Bob) Burton Brett 1937 - 2001

  • Edited by Anne Carter
  • Design by Stewart Cable
  • Researched and written by members of the Little Melton History Group;
    • Anne Carter,
    • Jayne Cable,
    • Stewart Cable,
    • Annetta Evans,
    • John Evans,
    • Alan Mann,
    • Hugh Waghorn

First Edition September 2003

ISBN 0-9545571-0-7

Published by Little Melton Community Trust

All rights reserved

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,electronic or mechanical, including photocopy recording, or by any information storage or retrievalsystem, without permission in writing from the copyhold owner© Little Melton Community Trust

Chapter 1 - Were there dinosaurs?
Snippets 1
Chapter 2 - On the map
Snippets 2
Chapter 3 - Village Government
Snippets 3
Chapter 4 - Farming
Snippets 4
Chapter 5 - Schooling
Snippets 5
Chapter 6 - Church and people
Snippets 6
Chapter 7 - Little Melton 1842 and 1924
Snippets 7
Chapter 8 - House Histories
Snippets 8
Chapter 9 - Little Melton Light Railway
Snippets 9
Chapter 10 - Little Melton in times of conflict
Snippets 10
Chapter 11 - Social welfare and the poor
Snippets 11
Chapter 12 - Little Melton and its neighbours
Appendix A - Lords of the manor
Appendix B - Incumbents of Little Melton
Appendix C - List of wills
Appendix D - Inventories of W Abell & J Mills
Appendix E - Manorial Court Book, surnames
1650 to 1765
Index of Names
Index of places of interest within Little Melton
Index of places associated with Little Melton
Picture/Illustration credits

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