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Dong wish to build a new windfarm in the North Sea and National Grid want it to connect to the substation at Mangreen; this requires Dong to construct an 80m wide cable corridor from near Cromer to the substation.  In order to minimise transmission losses the cable should follow the shortest route.  The cables will be buried 1.2m underground in 6 trenches about 8m apart (could be 0.7m where there are obstructions).  Dong have been planning the route for several years and are proposing the route shown below through Little Melton - the purple area shows a possible alternate route.

The project has been given national infrastructure status as it will supply a significant part of the UK’s energy needs; this means that compulsory purchase can be used if necessary.  Currently the project is still in the consultation stage, responses should be made by 20/09/17. A formal planning application will be made in spring 2018 and a decision will be made by the national Planning Inspectorate. Please see the Dong website at for further information and how you can respond to the consultation.

The Parish Council is not directly responsible for any of the land affected by the cable and is not making a case for or against windfarms.  The main purpose of this document is to highlight the possible consequences arising from the cable and to help parishioners reach an informed opinion by Sept 20th when the initial consultation period ends


The PC can only make statements that it can substantiate but recognizes that research into the environmental effects of power lines is still in its infancy and that some people have serious concerns about possible dangers to health.  Therefore, the PC has also published on its website the views of some parishioners, which they have asked to be made public.   


The PC chair will be available at the village show on Sat 9th between 14:00 and 16:00 and will do his best to explain the PC’s position on what is a very complex technical subject.

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