RoadworksSept21 to Jan 202104/01/2021 to 15/03/2021

This was scheduled to start on 21/09 but has been delayed due to Covid problems at the Land Registry.   There will be roadworks on Hethersett Lane, north of the bridge over the A47 as described below.  The new roundabout will provide access to a new multistory car park that will provide more parking for the hospital and other buildings.

The PC has requested signage on Hethersett Lane to deter drivers from using Braymeadow.  It is also hoped that the cycle path will be extended north of Braymeadow whilst the road is closed.

The Traffic Order refference is STRO4491 and the contact at NCC is Adam Mayo - 0344 800 8020

"Construction of a new roundabout junction, associated surface water drainage system, extension of existing 40mph speed restriction, introduction of street lighting at the roundabout and enabling works to statutory undertakers apparatus. Refer to AECOM drawings 60432496-SHT-C-0100. Works to statutory undertakers apparatus comprises: - Installation of new BT Openreach duct route in new footway/cycleway and removal of existing overhead lines."


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