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This page lists suggestions for how people in Little Melton can help the people of Ukraine.

Process for offering to host a refugee

  1. Register with the Government's Help for Ukraine scheme
  2. Register with one  of the organizations that will help you to contact refugees that are compatible with what you can offer. The orgs listed below are recommended but there are other orgs doing similar work -
  3. Once you have been matched with a refugee, apply with them for a visa

Little Melton Primary school has advised us that they currently have no free places, so refugee children would have to follow the regular admission process,

Village resources

There is a small group of people who are in touch with Adam Hale Sutton (who is currently out in Poland and helping the refugees there).  The group is setting up a register of those people who are offering to host or otherwise help any refugees who come to the village - with the aim of putting people in touch and holding welcome meetings at the Village Hall.    Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be added to the register. If you can't offer to host then you may be able to help with transport etc.

You can support Adam by donating on this fundraising page

Other links

Norfolk County Council have set up this page which has links to more information about hosting refugees and making donations.

South Norfolk Council held a webinar on hosting refugees - you can watch it here.

South Norfolk issued this guidance on 4th April

Bicycle Links are refurbishing donated bikes so that they can be given to refugees 


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