Little Melton Parish Council

Cycle Path Campaign - survey comments

Filled in on behalf of my son who does not cycle to Hethersett High School but catches the bus from Little Melton. Although the bus is a convenient service it is expensive and as my son stays late two afternoons a week he needs to be collected by car on those days. A safe cycle path would encourage him to be independent and use his bike, to get to and from school. This would give him more exercise, reduce my expenditure on bus tickets and petrol, and reduce journeys made by car along this road.
A safe, direct cycle route would make it a lot easier and safer to travel between Little Melton and Hethersett, enabling younger people to bike to school and so increasing the amount of exercise theydo - making them fitter, and reducing the amount of traffic on roads because fewer people would need to be driven to school.
Being retired I would use a cycle route mainly for leisure but also limited shopping. Unfortunately the questions on this survey do not lend themselves to someone in my position so have left most of the defaults highlighted.
I would like a safer bike route on Hethersett Lane to Watton Road but am concerned that this would be used as an excuse to push for development in the area in general with new roads and new houses - which I do not want! - a speed limit and safety signs could initially improve things
The roads are not well maintained and have lots of potholes. The roads are also very busy with heavy traffic which makes them dangerous for cyclists.
The roads are busy and dangerous (I have been knocked off once).
I would definately be gratefull for a safe cycle path and it would encourage more people to cycle and therefore reduce the amount of cars.
Our two children attend Notre Dame High School. At present they catch a mini bus to thickthorn, then onto Norwich. As a family we would love a cycle path from Little Melton and would use it regularly.
I only work three days per week in Norwich although I would not cycle to work I would welcome the opportunity to cycle between Hethersett and UEA to study, a safe route via LM would be preferable.
I do not go to work, but to the library, shops, doctor etc in Hethersett and would like a safe footpath/cycle path to go into H'sett from LM. There are buses, large trucks and occasionally cars pulling caravans on the road which make walking or cycling hazardous at present.
Unhappy with the present arrangements. There are places where I do not feel safe especially Burnthouse Lane and cycling through Cringleford and Eaton. I would never cycle on the Watton Road past Colney Hall. I want to draw my pension. I've paid enough! A dedicated cycle route that would take me through the UEA and then onto the Norwich cycle network would be of great help.
I would love to cycle if it was safe to do so.
Most of my childrens friends live in Hethersett, so they would also use the safe cycle route in holidays, evenings and weekends to visit their friends or for their visits to come to Little Melton from Hethersett.
As well as a cycle route to UEA, I'd also like a way of more safely getting to Hethersett by bike and on foot. BUT combined footpaths and cycle paths is just terrible... pedestrians rarely are attentive to cycle traffic, and it is indeed (from experience!) hard to be always attentive when you are walking and chatting and engaged with the countryside. Walkers and cyclists tend to be very different kinds of traffic. Walkers seem generally to be out for a chat and bit of exercise, while cyclists generally want to get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible. For a 'footpath' I'm happy with a sometimes muddy track around field boundaries\
I work from home but we walk to school each day, my concern is that more children would be able to safely cycle to and from school if a path was provided which was free of traffic. Cars drive too fast through the village with no thought for pedestrians and cyclists.
This is a priority worthwhile campaign.
A safer route would mean my son and his friend could cycle on their own to school in Little Melton. Presently the road is just too dangerous for an adult not to be present for the ride.
Although I do not work at these places, I regularly travel by car between Little Melton, Hethersett, UEA and the hospital for various purposes. I would much prefer to cycle and would do so if there was a safe, direct cycle route. Therefore, this campaign should not just focus on journeys to and from work/school, but also recognise the wider environmental and health benefits for all residents if a cycle route were to be established between Hethersett and the UEA / hospital.
I think that many people would start using a safer and fairly direct cycle route to the Scence Park or the UEA area.
At the moment I cycle to NRP from Little melton via Hethersett and the Thickthorn cyle path. I gave up cycling via Braymeadow Lane/ Colney Lane as I felt it was too dangerous. This new route takes me approx. 3x as long. I would LOVE a cycle path direct to NRP!
Filled in on behalf of my son who cycles to Hethersett High School. The road is dangerous because of the narrow roads and volume of traffic, and in the winter often flooded and covered in mud making it slippery. A cycle path to Hethersett would be excellent. I'm sure more children would cycle to school which would increase the amount of exercise they get each day and reduce cars on this stretch of road.
Would like to cycle throughout year but the current routes (Thickthorn cycle pathway) is poorly light during winter months
This is not on my direct route! However being a keen cyclist and setting off from home early, or maybe not getting home until late, I often take the long way round which sometimes goes through hethersett. It would also be good to have a safe route on road over the A11 - either by bridge or underpass somewhere around the current road between hethersett and ketteringham - this may be a bridge too far for the PC I guess.
I do cycle occassionally to work and I used to run, because of the width of the road I found this dangerous and decided to drive.
For obvious reasons, I'd rather take the shortest route which includes overcoming the A47 by dismounting my bicycle where most cars are zipping past at 70 MPH
vital to have more safety as this will encouage more commuters, especially as ther could be an on road charge in a few years.
A cycle path from the A47 Norwich roundabout into Norwich would open up huge possibilities for villages beyond this dangerous short section and would have great benefits
Main problem is Watton Rd to LM - I've tried the 'old'disused bit of road but this means going up steps then crossing the busy dual A47. It was a nightmare getting across!
My current route is via Gt. Melton and Little Melton to Wymondham, during the Spring / Summer/ Autum months. Winter months 'Old A 11', due to lack of light (even with good cycle lights) %26 possibility of ice on the back roads. I believe a dedicated cycle path would be a very good idea, making cycling safer, which would encourage more cyclists. If there was a cycle path made, it needs to be adequately maintained. If there are hedgerows, it should not be Hawthorn, as this leads to puctures!
I strongly support your campaign for this cycle way. My dentist is in Hetherset and I regularly cycle from either home or the University where I work to the practice. I also have friends in Little Melton and am always interesrted in achieving car-free and safe routes out of teh City for leisure cycling.
please can we ensure any cycle route is wide enough to take tricycles!
More people would cycle if cycle lanes were provided - keeps you fit and healthy and helps eliminate congestion
My journey is to my mother's care home in Cringleford. I need a safe link to the Hethersett to Thickthorn cycle path. I would also consider cycling to Norwich if the proposed link to UEA existed.
It would be fantastic to have a direct route I would use it daily
I work from my home and cycle most days for pleasure and shopping. Round trip daily average about 10 miles. Trips can including Wymondam, The Meltons, Earlham Co-op shop, Mulbarton, Swardston, Cringleford, Lotus, Barnham Broom, Barford, Bawburgh, Marlingford, Wramplingham etc. The proposed cycle path would be welcome and to be well used needs to have a flat and smooth surface without gates, kerbs or detours and kept cleaned from time to time to clear away sharp hawthorn spikes and flint. I would also welcome a straight line cycle path across the fields from Hethersett to Wymondham. Good luck
better cycle facilities urgently needed to combat proposed residential growth in the Norwich area.
I cycle to Hethersett (and beyond) for leisure/fitness, and used to commute that way when I lived in Wymondham. The path from Thickthorn suffers from debris - vehicles flick grit/gravel etc. on to the path but there is insufficient cycle traffic to flick it back again! It is never swept. The exit from Thickthorn Farm suffers from larger gravel on the path. Sometimes there are overhanging or fallen branches. When on my road bike, cycling at 17-20mph, I tend to cycle on the road so as not to risk a puncture (although this is at quieter times, e.g. Sundays). Cycling against the traffic flow at night is unpleasant due to headlight dazzle - drivers rarely bother to dip their lights for cyclists. Furthermore, the cycle crossings on Thickthorn roundabout itself suffer badly from grit buildup at the dropped kerbs, which is dangerous. Ironically this is the "safety" (anti skid) surfacing that has worn off the road. It is also bad when exiting the roundabout to the old Newmarket Road (again, I choose to use the road when on my racing bike at quieter times, as the cycle paths make my journey slower and involve more awkward manoeuvring). Although I would class myself as an experienced and assertive cyclist, I would love to see a safer and more attractive route as it would encourage novice cyclists and children/families. It would also be attractive to walkers and runners. I would really like to see it offer a *more* direct route than the roads, offering a real incentive to people to start cycling.
There has been a noticable increase of traffic from the new estate in Hethersett (off Lynch green) which already speeds through the village and little melton to get to the A47.
If a more direct route was available many people would cycle to work. The reason lots of us moved to hethersett was because it was close to work, yet there are no safe walking/cycling routes.
I cycle everyday to school because we can't afford a buspass. Everyday my mum worries because she had a car crash on the corner just past the pictured one, and I get really wet some days having to go through that puddle.
We go to the library or tescos or to see friends not work. In 2011 I will have another child going to the high school, and she will have to cycle as well, it is concerning because even thought the road is very dangerous the county council won't give bus passes becuse we are under 3 miles from the school.
Would like to be able to cycle to work some but not necessarily all days and would probably not cycle very often during winter months. Agree that the route between Little Melton and Hethersett is not good for youngsters cycling to and from school.
Filled in on behalf of my son who cycles most days between Little Melton and Hethersett High School. A safer, cycle path, free of cars, is essential as motor traffic between the two becomes more prevalent.
There have been several near misses with cycles on Hethersett Lane en route to NNUH because of the bends and speeds of cars, vans and lorries. Also cars and vans frequently overtake on the bends making it unsafe for all road users.
This is so dangerous and I have many near misses. My family do not like me cycling this route. I take colney lane from hethersett to the NNuh and cars travel very fast and it is very narrow
I would cycle most days, at least in the Spring, Summer and Autumn.
A direct cyclepath is badly needed - I cycle everyday to UEA and I've had several 'near misses' on the backroads mostly with cars overtaking too close (as well as people on mobiles etc). The current cycle path from Hethersett to Thickthorn ends at the 'Roundhouse' then when it picks up again towards the hospital this involves crossing the road which is increasingly busy. In addition this section is shared with many pedestrians (often listening to ipods or texting while walking) which can make cycling as tricky as the road.
I would use the NRP - Hethersett cycle path to visit friends or the pubs in the area.
The road surface between Hethersett and the NRP via the Little Melton road is terrible added to that the speed of the cars using it - I'm surprised there hasn't been more accidents.
The Hethersett lane is much too dangerous for cyclists, the twists and turns mean that motorists often approach cyclists from behind too fast as they cannot see them in good time. Also, motorists take unnecessary risks in trying to overtake cyclists at innapropriate places.
Many cyclists ride from Hethersett area to the UEA area along Colney Lane - this is dangerous for both the cyclist and the cars as the road is narrow and cars are often going to fast. If I cycle I usually go a longer way to avoid this road however many are not willing to go that bit further. A safer route would be ideal and would be well used.