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GNDP - history

Dec 2008 - The information on this page is now out of date but has been retained as a record - some of the links are still valid.

3 options have been put forward.  2 of those options include a new town of at least 7000 houses by 2026, to be built on the land between Little Melton and Hethersett.   The Parish Council is strongly opposed to the proposed new town on the grounds that Little Melton would cease to exist as a village and would in effect become a suburb of Norwich.   The PC response to the Technical Consultation (Sept 2008) can be seen here.

  • The background to the plan is here

  • The land offered for development can be seen here - this page is very slow to load!

  • There is more info on the development land here - you can also make comments

  • In October, the PC received details of a proposal put forward by Bidwells on behalf of Gladedale(Anglia) Ltd.  The proposal is that Hethersett should grow from 2000 homes to 6000 by 2026 and eventually to more than 8500 homes - this is much larger than the current Wymondham.

    An outline of the plan can be seen here.   It is understood that the shaded area is the 2026 development and that this would eventually be much larger.   Please contact a member of the PC if you wish to see the full plans.

    The Access Appraisal provided by Bidwells does not seem to have considered the impact of all the additional traffic on LM - it just says that LM Road will be improved.  The PC considers that many hundreds of additional cars will pass through LM each day and they will use School Lane and Mill Rd in order to reach the B1108 and avoid jams at Thickthorn (which will have to bear additional traffic from the developments at Hethersett, Wymondham and Attleborough).  

  • In November the PC received details of a proposal put forward by Gable Developments that would extend Norwich beyond the A47 and could eventually include a large part of LM.  This development would be combined with an enlargement of the Research Park and would have a major impact on on traffic through LM.  This proposal is less specific than the Hethersett plan - it is understood that the first phase of development would see 5500 homes built between Thickthorn and the end of Braymeadow lane.
  • Gable Developments