Little Melton Parish Council

Little Melton Wildlife Group- Annual Report 2010

The group has about 35 members who share their skills, experience and enthusiasm.

 We aim to record and conserve species found in the village.

 Since the group was formed in July 2008 we have had ten field events, including garden walkabouts, local walks for flowers, trees, bats & fungi, and a dawn chorus walk.  About once a month in the summer a moth trap is run overnight and the moths inspected, recorded and released the following morning.

 In addition there is a “Toad Rescue Group” which consists mostly of LM wildlife group members who help toads, frogs and newts to cross the roads safely to their breeding ponds in the early spring in Little Melton & Great Melton.

 We have had three winter talks; on “Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood”, “Moths” and “Bats”.

 We do not have a subscription.  All meetings are free of charge.

 Our main means of communication is via the Little Melton Wildlife Google Group website and email.

 If you would be interested in joining the group or would like further information please contact Peter Kitchener on

01603 814134  or