Little Melton Parish Council

Little Melton PAROCHIAL CHARITY Registered No 243883  - Annual Report 2010

The current Trustees are:-

  • Rev Di Lammas                       Ex-Officio
  • Mr Christopher Doggett           Parish Council Nomination
  • Mr Norman Duffield                   Parish Council Nomination
  • Mrs Jean Chamberlain             Co-opted
  • Mr John McDonald                    Co-opted

The Trustees have held two meetings in the past year as well as the annual inspection of the allotments.

All of the allotments are currently tenanted and generally cultivated to a very high standard. We have nearly 50 tenants on the four sites and a waiting list.

The shield for the 'Best Kept Allotment' and a gardening voucher were awarded to Mr Bunn.

The Trustees are required to publicise the main aim of the Charity which is to provide assistance to residents of the Little Melton area who are suffering need, hardship or distress. All applications are dealt with in strict confidence.

Financial Report to year end 30th November 2009 (figures have been rounded)

Income                        7140

  •  970 allotment rent
  • 6070 investment share dividends

Expenditure                5560

  • 3660 to beneficiaries
  • 480 allotment upkeep
  • 280 insurance

1000 surplus funds paid to Little Melton Church

Balance b/fwd as at 30/11/09              8600

New balance   c/fwd to 2010              10180

£1000 was allocated from surplus funds towards equipment for Little Melton School and this has now been paid.

Financial help was given mainly for fuel costs and playgroup fees. The amount was more than double that paid out last year perhaps reflecting the current economic situation.

Applications for help from parishioners are invited as usual, also Parish organisations are invited to apply for financial help from year end funds not taken up by other needs or requests.