Little Melton Parish Council

Little Melton OIL ECONOMY GROUP  - Annual Report 2010

 “Ashwood”, 20, Braymeadow Lane, Little Melton, Norwich, NR9 3NQ

  Negotiator:s Lt Melton John Sanders 01603 810720, John Copson 01603 810142, Edwina Clark 01603 812286 Bawburgh; Christopher Bayne 01603 742601

 Firstly I must apologise for not being here this evening, but I had other commitments.  John Copson and Christopher Bayne are here to answer any questions, should you have any.

 This group was first formed nearly 7 years ago, by David Perrin and myself (John Sanders) with our first meeting in March 2003.

  We decided to have the first ordering date on the first Tuesday in August and they’re after every 3 months. In the August 2003 23 people ordered oil.  Up to February 2010 we have grown to 193 in Lt Melton, 11 in Gt Melton.  Bawburgh, who joined us in 2006 with 15 people, has now grown to 77. So in total we have 281 people who belong to our group.

 February sees the highest amount for ordering, with February 2010 totalling 109,500 litres with 140 people who ordered.

 I personally do most of the work on the computer, recording addresses, telephone numbers and dates ordered.

 We then share either taking the orders to the various oil companies or faxing them.

 I would like to show our appreciation to Barbara & John at the Village Shop who hand out the forms and take in the orders. Without their help and support it would be very difficult to operate.

 John and I, welcome Edwina Clark who has volunteered her services into our ordering group, with Adele Gilbertson as a back up, both from our village.  We also have Christopher Bayne who represents Bawburgh who assists us.

John Sanders