Little Melton Parish Council

Little Melton Community Trust - Report for the Year Ending 31st Dec 2009

The financial position of the Trust continues to be sound. Income fell by 4% to £11992 but expenditure was down by £3950 resulting in a surplus of £3876 which built our reserves to £14987.

Rental income was down across each of the hire groups with the Playgroup, Badminton and general private hire making up the majority of the Hall's income. In view of the difficult economic climate this is a satisfactory situation The Hall is used most days of the week on a regular basis by a number of local groups. Last year in my report I said that we would build the reserves and this we have achieved by good cost controls, lower renewals and repairs and no donations to other organisations.

We have continued to maintain the internal fabric of the hall and members of the committee and friends have had several sessions decorating the inside of the Hall. Decorating of the remaining areas of the premises; changing rooms, toilets and the committee room have been put out for quotation and work will be awarded and carried out in the next couple of months. The Village Hall Committee is pleased that the Parish Council has continued to replace the windows and doors in the hall to the benefit of all users.

The objectives of the Trust are to provide or assist in the provision of the Village Hall and other facilities for the use of the inhabitants of the parish and such other charitable purposes as the trustees see fit. In previous years the Trust has contributed to several requests in the village but we received no such requests this financial year, part of the reduction in expenditure The Trust does have funds available to provide further facilities for the village. If any organisation has need of finance to this end they should speak to me or any of the other Trustees. This could also apply to any parishioner who may wish to set up a new organisation or club utilising the village hall.

I would like to thank members of the committee for their contributions during the past year including their decorating skills. The Village Show ran smoothly once again under Jo Buxton's control, Melanie Sutton has produced an excellent set of accounts and Jean Chamberlain keeps the bookings rolling in.

The figures given are from the unaudited accounts and these will be on the agenda for approval at the AGM which is to be held on Tuesday 30th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. This is an open meeting and all are welcome.

Richard Smith

Trustee and Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.          28thFebruary 2010